Faith and Secularity (2013)


Faith and secularity? What’s the connection? Faith we know about – or do we? But secularity? What’s the connection – or the intersection? What has Bette Midler’s song ‘From a Distance’ got to do with ‘Faith and Secularity’?

This seminar was held on Saturday 10 August 2013 and featured:

  • Dr Chris Duthie-Jung, pastoral theologian at The Catholic Institute
  • Caroline Jewkes, Director of the Centre for Leadership Development, Booth College
  • Rev Jenny Chalmers, Vicar of the Anglican parish of Carterton, and former journalist
  • Rev Deborah Broome, Canon Theologian in the Anglican Diocese of Wellington
  • Br Kieran Fenn, adult educator with the Marist Brothers

Paper available

‘Job/Jeremiah: faith in the face of misfortune’, by Deborah Broome and Kieran Fenn