2021 Eco-Theology Seminar

Wednesday, July 1st, 2020

7 PM Friday evening 27 August – 9 AM Saturday morning 28 August 2021


Please see the links to the recorded sessions below.

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Session 1 Friday Dr Andrew Shepherd, Dr Nicola Hoggard, Dr Dianne Rayson, Rod Oram

Please note: The first few minute of Andrew’s presentation is missing

Session 2 Saturday Dr Christopher Longhurst Eco-Justice


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Session 3 Saturday Amy Ross Eco-Church in Your Community

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Rod Oram’s Presentation

Friday 27 August 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM

Guest speakers followed by Q&A

Dr Andrew Shepherd 


Lecturer in Theology and Public Issues 

University of Otago Te Whare Wānanga o Otāgo 

A personal theology of the environment and environmental care. Andrew’s eco-theology, how did he arrive at it, and how does it play out in his life and ministry?

Dr Nicola Hoggard 


Co-director of New Zealand Christians in Science

A personal theology of the environment and environmental care. Nicola’s eco-theology, how did she arrive at it, and how does it play out in her life and ministry?

Dr Dianne Rayson

Public Theologian, Bonhoeffer Scholar and Preacher

The University of Newcastle and United Theological College

Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Eco-theology. Linking the theology of the prominent 20th-century German theologian Dr Dietrich Bonhoeffer to a contemporary Christian response to climate change.

Rod Oram

Prominent New Zealand business journalist

The Economic Implications of the Climate change Commission’s Report

Saturday 28 August 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Two consecutive workshops. You are welcome to attend both.

Dr Christopher Longhurst

Theologian and lecturer 

Te Kupenga Catholic Theological College of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Workshop 1:  Eco-justice

Amy Ross 

Eco Church NZ Community Coordinator

A Rocha Aotearoa New Zealand

Workshop 2: Eco-church in Your Community

About Our Speakers

Dr Andrew Shepherd is a Lecturer in Theology and Public Issues with the Theology Programme at the University of Otago (based in Wellington).   His working life has alternated between academic teaching roles and leadership responsibilities in Christian and non-profit organisations.  He has twenty-five years of experience teaching and facilitating learning in the areas of theology, ethics, and environmental studies, and was involved in the establishment of the Christian conservation organisation A Rocha Aotearoa New Zealand.  He served as the co-Director of A Rocha from 2014-2019 before taking on his current role with the University of Otago.  Recent publications include Creation and Hope: Reflections on Ecological Anticipation and Action from Aotearoa New Zealand (Wipf & Stock, 2018).

Dr Nicola Hoggard is an Auckland based theologian and co-director of New Zealand Christians in Science. She has worked on issues at the interface of science and theology and also eco-theology and feminism. Nicola has taught theology and religion in New Zealand and the US. Her undergraduate degrees were in mathematics and biology, and she has a PhD in theology from Drew University. In 2013 her book, Animal Suffering and the Problem of Evil (OUP), was published. She co-edited Creation and Hope: Reflections on Ecological Anticipation and Action from Aotearoa (Wipf & Stock) with Andrew Shepherd. Nicola is married to Charlie and attends All Saints in Ponsonby. 

Dr Dianne Rayson is a public theologian, Bonhoeffer scholar, and preacher. Her research centres on Bonhoeffer’s potential contribution to the theological and ethical questions that the climate crisis poses. Her book Bonhoeffer and Climate Change: Theology and Ethics for the Anthropocene. (Fortress Academic, 2021) looks at Bonhoeffer’s focus on Christ as the centre of all reality and a relational approach to engaging with the rest of creation. She has also published on rape culture, the ecological impacts of war, ecofeminism, and the Black Summer bushfires of 2019-2020. Di now lectures at The University of Newcastle and at the United Theological College after working in community development and public health in Australia’s Northern Territory and in Papua New Guinea. Di is deputy editor of The Bonhoeffer Legacy journal, a member of Newcastle Anglican EcoCare, and is occasionally heard on ABC radio.

Rod Oram is a business journalist who contributes weekly to Newsroom and Newstalk ZB. He is a public speaker on deep sustainability, business, economics, and innovation. Rod is a member of the Edmund Hillary Fellowship, which brings together people from here and abroad who seek to contribute to global change from Aotearoa. In Citigroup’s annual global journalism awards, Rod was the winner in 2019 in the General Business category in the Australia and NZ region for his columns in Newsroom on Fonterra; and he was the NZ Journalist of the year.

In the New Zealand Shareholders’ Association Business Journalism Awards, Rod won the Business Commentary category in 2018 and 2020 for his Newsroom columns. Rod was a founding trustee and the second chairman of Ākina Foundation, which helps social enterprises develop their business models in areas of sustainability. He remains actively involved with the foundation and the ventures it supports. In 2016, Bridget Williams Books published Rod’s most recent book, Three Cities: Seeking Hope in the Anthropocene, details at bwb.co.nz/books/three-cities Rod is also a very keen cyclist. He particularly enjoys long bike packing adventures such as Tour Aotearoa (from Cape Reinga to Bluff) and Kōpiko (from Cape Egmont to the East Cape), which he rode in 2020 and 2021 respectively.

Amy Ross has worked for secular and Christian environmental organisations as a project coordinator and has carried out postgraduate research examining a variety of responses to the climate emergency. Until mid-2020 she was based at the Sustainability Research Institute, University of Leeds, U.K. Her research has covered a wide variety of topics within environmental management and governance in Africa, the U.K. and New Zealand. Amy currently works for the Christian conservation organisation, A Rocha Aotearoa NZ as a regional community coordinator for the Eco Church initiative.

Dr Christopher Longhurst lectures in theology at Te Kupenga Catholic Theological College of Aotearoa New Zealand. His academic speciality is the interdisciplinary study of theology and aesthetics. He has taught at Victoria University of Wellington, Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco, and Marymount Institute, Rome, Italy, and worked as an educational officer for the Scientific and Administrative Management of the Vatican Museums, Rome, Italy. Chris is a KAICIID Fellow, and executive member of the Association of Practical Theology in Oceania (APTO) and the New Zealand Catholic Bishops’ Committee for Interfaith Relations (NZCBCIR).